Environmental Policy

Fyffe Country Lodge Environmental Policy – Eco Friendly Bed and Breakfast Accommodation….Fruit and Vegetables are grown on site

Environmental Statement:

Welcome to the Fyffe Country lodge, we trust your experiences and memories stay with you for many years to come.

We have developed an environmental plan and welcome your support for this initiative.

Protection of our beautiful environment, keeping New Zealand in this beautiful, pristine, pollution free environment so that in the years to come your children, grandchildren will be able to come and enjoy it too. We are very aware of the possible cost to our enviromnent if we are not conservative with all the products we use and at all times we try to minimize overuse of all elements.

Energy Efficiency:

Fyffe Country lodge is reducing energy by supporting the following initiatives:

– We support a “Shut Down” or “ Turn Off” Policy. Computers, TV, lights which are not in use are turned off. During the low season chiller use is limited. Hot water cylinders in unused rooms are switched off.

– Replacing light bulbs with low energy light bulbs.

– Careful Restaurant meal planning utilising oven use for more than one purpose.

– Support local businesses and suppliers that meet environmental criteria reducing C02 emissions

– Reducing our energy consumption by installing energy efficient Flat screened LCD Tvs

Water Consumption:

Fyffe Country Lodge conserves water in the following ways:

– Dual Flush Toilets

– When the lodge was built we installed the efficient and effective Oasis Clearwater effluent system – an environmental friendly – non chemical bio cycle septic system which treats waste water through a three stage cycle. Waste is then filtered and is dispersed throughout irrigation lines and waters the lawn and shrubs.

– Introduction of a Towel agreement – Many of our guests choose to reuse their towels and/or wish to have their bed linen changed less often. This in effect reduces the water consumed, uses less energy and detergents.

– Well maintained hoses, taps with any other necessary watering which is done by night to avoid evaporations.

– Gardens are mulched, rainwater collected.

– Kitchen water is reused for watering – great for putting on the roses- aphids hate it.

– When the lodge was developed a water supply was implemented by way of an artisan bore which is 100ft below the surface. All water is filtered through a non-chemical filtration system. The water is tested monthly by the health department and is beautiful to drink straight from the tap. This water supply is really pure and naturally chilled.


We acknowledge our responsibility to the local community. We employ local staff and support various local non profit organizations. We donate to the Salvation army and have supported some of our less fortunate local families:

– Supporting regional groups via donating restaurant meals.

– Supporting local projects

– Employ local persons


– Purchasing local produce where possible to reduce carbon emissions.

– Offering our guests the opportunity to contribute and learn about our local environment.

– Planting of NZ natives trees on site and monitoring their growth

– Encouraging our guests to take local tours of the Marae/Museum and talking to local Kaumatua. Kaikoura is rich in marine history

Waste management:

Fyffe Country Lodge reduces waste by supporting the following initiatives:

– We provide a recycle station (located at the back of the garage) to separate tin, plastic, glass, paper. This is then transported to the Kaikoura land fill and recycle centre.

– Hazardous Waste: batteries, Vehicle fluid, Kitchen Oils are recycled separately and the appropriate local collector disperses these.

– We reuse all office paper.

– The restaurant food scraps are composted or are feed to the hens on site – in return we get fresh eggs daily.

– Personalised toiletries are refilled where possible reducing unnecessary packaging. Bottles are washed & sanitised with a Dettol which kills 99% of Bacteria and Virus. Bottles are then fill to 3/4 of the bottle height leaving room for air and ease of use.

– Used candles and used soaps will be offered to the community for reuse.

– Marketing online reduces our reliance on brochures.

Cleaning Products

All our cleaning products used at the lodge are biodegradable and have been chosen for their limited use of chemical and minimal effects on the environment. We have implemented ideas where we do not have to use any cleaning agents at all Ie: Newspaper is used to clean windows, mirrors.

We buy in bulk and all products purchased are under review to ensure we meet our environmental objectives.

Sourcing of Produce & Products

We try to source our food products locally:

– This supports our community and small business thereby increasing employment.

– Wet fish, Crayfish, Salmon are sourced locally whilst meat products come from the rural village of Cheviot.

– Bread is baked onsite or sourced from the local bakery.

– Honey is sourced from the Beekeeper 2km along the state highway.

– The lodge garden produces a wide variety of fresh seasonal vegetables. We grow potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini, cabbage, broccoli, celery, garlic, onions, leeks, silver beat, pumpkin, we also have a small orchard which supplies us with peaches, fig, apples, lemonades, lemons, grapes, strawberries, blue berries, gooseberries, feijoas. We make our own chutney, jams, pesto.

– Herbs we grow fennel, sage, parsley, marjoram, thyme, chives, basil.

Native Re-vegetation

Since the lodge was built in 1993 we have planted a wide variety of shrub and native trees – Kowhai, Flax, These initiatives have encouraged a significant increase in the bird life around the lodge. The native Bellbird, Fantail and Tui birds can be seen around the lodge during day.

Eco Friendly and Sustainable Design

The land upon which the lodge sits was part of the original Elms Estate which extended over some Acres.

Fyffe Country Lodge is one of the first environmental friendly rammed earth lodges to be built in New Zealand. The Lodge was constructed in 1993 using all the traditional adobe methods.

The 2000 handmade blocks were made from compressed clay (locally sourced) and cow dung which were dried (matured) on site whilst the roof is made from imported Canadian cedar which has been hand split into shingles. Recycled New Zealand timbers have been used extensively through out the building with the stairwell being sourced from and old church and the dining room ceiling from an old flour mill in Christchurch. Some of the doors and windows are over 100yrs old. A white wash slurry has been used for the interior and the outside blocks have been covered with a slurry of natural lime and cows manure.

The courtyard was a labour of love sourcing some 8500 recycled bricks. Gabled dormer windows are an attractive feature in the steeply pitched roof. The verandas are cedar and larch.

Owners responsibility

Chris Rye as an owner is responsible for ensuring ongoing performance, identification of environmental risks, recording and monitoring of impacts and implementing environmental and social sustainability. As a member of the community we encourage staff to participate in an active role in our commitment to reduce our carbon footprints.